Black and White Handbags Are Great for Work and Here Is How to Style Them

Trendy fashions and colors come and go every season.

Last year, Pantone declared “Rose Quarz” and “Serenity” the colors of the year, after the soft pink and blue hues overtook the fashion industry.

If you consider yourself a fashionista, you probably had at least a few pieces in these tones in your closet.

Unless of course you’re a true fashionista, and have already tossed them out and replaced them with something in this year’s Pantone color, “Greenery.”

Constantly buying the latest trends can get expensive. Instead, why not invest your money in trends that never go out of style, like black and white handbags?

To help make it easier for you to spend your money on a piece that you won’t have to toss out next year, check out this guide for matching black and white handbags to all of your favorite work outfits.

Splurge Here

One great thing about investing in black and white handbags is that you’ll be able to carry it for years.

This means that’s when it comes to choosing the perfect bag, it’s okay to splurge. Choosing a knock-out bag will instantly raise the bar of any work outfit you choose.

So if you’re looking to save some money, choose less-expensive clothing pieces for work, like a basic tee and classic slacks, or a simple dress. Then, accessorize with your new bag to give even the simplest outfit instant glam-status.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold

When you carry a handbag in a bold color, it can be tough to match it to your work outfits. Black and white bags make it easy.

This means that you can go big and bold with your outfits, and not have to worry about clashing.

So choose pops of colors, vibrant patterns, or crazy combinations of the two, and carry your favorite bag, worry-free.


If your favorite black and white handbag features any fun details, like metal rivets, fringe, or other decorations, these can be a great chance to tie in your bag to your favorite outfit.

Simply opt for accessories that match these details. Earrings in a similar color of metal as the rivets on your purse, or a jacket with fringe just like your purse can make you look polished and put-together.

Just be sure not to overdo it! Only an accessory or two in every outfit should complement your bag.

Keep it Classic

Like your favorite black and white handbags, certain black and white clothing style won’t go out of style either.

Pair your handbag with a classic little black dress, your favorite white button-down shirt, or those old-school black and white Oxfords in the back of your closet for a timeless, polished look.

Find the Perfect Black and White Handbags

With so many different handbag styles and options out there, choosing the right ones for you can be a challenge.

If you have to choose just one bag, it’s best to keep it simple and classic, and choose a style that fits your lifestyle.

For instance, if you’re carrying your bag for work, a handbag that doubles as a laptop bag might be a good choice. If you’re always on the go, a small cross-body can be much easier to tote than a heavy shoulder bag.

Whatever style you choose, sticking to black and white can be a great way to make the most of your investment, and get a bag that you can carry for years!