5 Popular Colors for Fashion Handbags Women Actually Love

Fashion is a concept that many people place a lot of emphasis on. Everyone’s always worried about what celebrity wore what, or where their friend got a specific outfit.

Fashion has even become something that is welcomely volatile. Fashion trends change all the time with the season.

But, fashion isn’t just all about clothing. Accessories also play a huge role in adding character to your appearance.

People typically wear bracelets, necklaces, and other forms of jewelry while aiming to stand out from the crowd.

Accessories aren’t always limited to these products, however.

One of the most chic (and functional) fashion accessories out there are handbags.

Handbags come in a variety of brands and sizes, and are sometimes worn only to complement an outfit.

The factor that matters most? Color.

Read on to discover the colors women love for their fashion handbags.

1. Navy Blue

Fashion handbags come in many colors, but few are as attractive as a navy blue.

You can also combine this darker shade of blue with many other colors, including common ones such as red, green, and white.

It’s also (along with black) a very professional color that can be worn to events and functions that require a certain level of attire.

Navy blue is one of the most popular colors that people wear during autumn. A navy handbag could be a perfect addition to a fall outfit.

2. Burgundy

You may be a bit limited in the colors that go with burgundy, but it’s a smooth, eye-catching color that is sure to get compliments.

Like navy blue, burgundy also happens to be one of the hottest colors for fall, so take some time to think of ways that you can fit it into your wardrobe.

Find yourself unsure of what colors match the best? You can consult this chart if you ever get lost.

3. Sunflower Yellow

Yellow is generally a color that you have to wear heavily or barely at all.

In the case of a handbag, it can be used to complete a yellow ensemble, or simply accent colors like blue, violet, or black.

An all-black outfit with a yellow bag will definitely catch people’s attention (in the best way).

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4. White

White is one of the most common clothing colors. It gives off a simple, clean appearance, and you can match it with anything.

If you want a handbag that you can wear with any of your other fashion choices, white is an option worth exploring.

As one of the most versatile colors, you can wear it during any season under almost any circumstance (other than someone else’s wedding, of course).

5. Black

Perhaps the most popular color of them all. Black is a direct counterpart to white and is also a neutral color that finds a place among most ensembles.

There’s something mysteriously captivating about an all-black outfit. Adding a black handbag into the mix amplifies this even further.

While there is usually a time and a place to wear all black, a black bag goes with pretty much anything. Get out there and explore your options!

Fashion Handbags as Accessories

Handbags have a place in fashion just like sunglasses and necklaces do. In fact, they are sometimes the focus of the entire outfit.

For more information about what today’s hottest fashion trends, take a look at our free style guide.