4 Tips for Picking the Right Over the Shoulder Bags

Choosing the right over the shoulder bags can make or break your best outfits.

There’s nothing quite like picking out the perfect dress and then ruining your entire look with the wrong bag. Trust us: we’ve been there.

Over the shoulder bags are more than just a catchall for your most-used items. They’re also what ties your outfit together.

That’s right: your bag is just as important as your shoes when it comes to finishing touches. Keep the following four tips in mind when making your next purchase:

1. Be Honest About Your Frame

Are you extremely tall? Or perhaps leaning towards plus-sized?

Being honest about your body shape is imperative when choosing the right over the shoulder bags for your frame.

Taller women should avoid bags that make them look even longer than they really are. Shorter straps accentuate your lengthy frame.

Clutches are a good choice if you’re above average in the height department. As are slouchy/short bags like the ever popular Hobo style.

If you’re plus-sized, aim for a bag that’s as big and beautiful as you are. Boxier designs, like satchels, can help to balance out your curves.

Alternatively, if you’re on the small side in both height and weight, steer clear of larger bags that will overwhelm your look. Go for smaller bags with shorter straps to keep from looking like you’re a child playing dress-up in your mom’s clothes.

2. Be Aware of How Much You Carry

Do you really NEED to carry three different styles of hairbrushes? What about those five different shades of lipstick?

Everything you absolutely NEED should be able to fit in a one-gallon Ziplock bag. Or, if you’re really ambitious: a sandwich bag.

Trim down your carry weight as much as you possibly can. Look through what you’re carrying now: if you haven’t used it in a month, remove it from your bag!

3. Test Your Bag on BOTH Shoulders

When it comes to over the shoulder bags, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that they should be comfortable on BOTH of your shoulders.

Alternate the sides you carry your bag on. Especially if you’re carrying a heavier load.

A sexy body is a balanced body. Make sure you give equal attention to both sides of your body.

4. Keep the Price in Mind

You don’t have to break the bank to buy a killer handbag.

In fact, we highly recommend opting for affordable vegan materials rather than genuine leather. It costs less, it saves our animal friends, and it’s beyond beautiful.

Canvas bags are also very in vogue right now and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. (No wonder people have made use of this material since the 13th century!).

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